Beyond-satisfaction customer experience

All in one customer

Customer is everywhere around, are we ready to approach and interact with them seamlessly?
Technology has changed customer behaviors in interacting and communicating with enterprises. Instead of face-to-face interactions, customers today prefer a silver-lining conversation on digital platforms, through social networks or website.
With customer interactions on various channels, the All-in-one customer interaction approach should be considered for creating a seamless experience. In this approach, “customer centric” is a key value that helps improving customer relationship and ensuring business success.
0/0 Consumers have used more than two communication channels to interact with brands.
0% Consumers want consistent experiences across all channels. Only nearly 30% of them are “satisfied” or receive acceptable responses across channels
Set and perform an All in one customer interaction strategy with FPT Digital
From practical experiences of working with hundreds of customers, we have defined and implemented customized All-in-One customer interaction solutions for businesses through stages.
Define channels interacting with targeted customers
  • Define all current available channels.
  • Identify key channels engaging with targeted customers.
Construct a consolidated approach for interactions management to remove silos and create seamless customer experience.
  • Integrate new technologies.
  • Link among departments/functions within organization.
Maintain coherent policies to empower employees in delivering faster, more transparent customer interactions
  • Categorize customer interactions based on history.
  • Set policy for case by case to clarify process.
  • Publish policy in relevant channels for internal/external references.
  • Keep updating policy in regular base/event base.
Diversify resources (such as chatbot/AI helpdesk) to support business
  • Remove bottle neck situations.
  • Improve efficiencies, reduce human efforts.
  • Create timely responses to customers.
The demands for improving service operation from external customers and from internal within organization has urged businesses to perform integrated customer interactions management.
Build and implement your business’ All-in-One Customer Interaction Strategy with FPT Digital to enhance customer loyalty and increase their life-time value.
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