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Personalization not only improves customer experience but also creates new value for the whole enterprise.
With various products and services options in the market, it’s getting more competitive for enterprise to stand out from the crowd while customer power is getting stronger than ever. A fixed mechanism will not meet all customer desires. Customer expectation on personalized experiences is on the rise, especially for Millennials & Gen Z. Hence, there is high risk of losing potential customers and lower conversion rate if enterprises don’t personalize their offers.
Digitalization has enabled personalization to become more efficient for enterprise by utilizing technologies such as data analytics, AI or immersive technologies.
Embraces benefits from personalized customer experiences
Higher customer spending
40% consumers have purchased more expensive products/services than they originally planned as they were offered personalized experience.
49% buyers purchased products/services that they did not initially intend to buy after receiving a personalized recommendation.
Higher retention rate & chance of referral
44% consumers would make repeated purchase with business that offers personalized experiences.
39% consumers would become brand advocates after personalization.
Higher conversion rate & customer acquisition cost
Average order value was found to increase 5% with personalization, and conversion rates increased 6% in e-commerce.
0 % Increase order value
0 % Increase conversation rates
Where to start personalizing customer journey?
One of the problem companies may encounter is that they don’t know the starting point to build a personalized customer journey. In our experience, personalization must be a continuous journey comprising of 4 components:
A vision of customer personalization
A set of creative customer touchpoints
Enablers & foundations preparation
Continuous delivery process assessment
FPT Digital helps business personalize customer journey
Personalize your customer journey with us to meet your customers’ needs and expectations while enhance your business outcomes.
Build customer strategy with personalization vision
  • Design customer strategy & organization principles towards personalization.
  • Collect insights of customers’ behaviors, needs and expectations.
  • Prioritize efforts and identify key attributes and characteristics.
Design customer journeys with idea improvements
  • Define customer journey & all touch points.
  • Point out pain points & issues.
  • Specify creative solutions & ideas to create a more seamless journey.
  • Design a new personalized journey.
Revise organization resources for readiness
  • Find out internal process work issues.
  • Define front & back office actions to deliver the new customer journey.
  • Train and engage employee towards customer centric strategy.
  • Clarify policies & platforms to collect data and continuously measure actions’ effectiveness for further improvements.
Build up digital system enablers
  • Design core functions needed for operation.
  • Build backend & frontend interface.
  • Integrate systems for smoothly experience.
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