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Next-gen business model is a strategy towards building and improving new business models in order to create new ways of doing business, bring new sources of revenue and profits for organizations, and at the same time, create breakthroughs in how new products, services or platforms are provided.

The core


The agile operating model


Create new products prototypes, new services models


Provide experiences through new digital platforms


The core of a next-gen business model lies in the continuous creative thinking and testing to develop, create new products prototypes, new services models, new ways to provide experiences through new digital platforms and in the agile operating model, which drives innovation.

Different mindset and way of working

Next-gen business model requires innovation that comes from a different mindset and way of working. Instead of avoiding creativity because of the fear of risk, in order to create innovative models, businesses will need to operate in a more flexible way, empower employees as well as continuously test new initiatives by applying agile testing models such as fail fast and fail often, lean design, and so on. However, innovative ideas in creating the next-gen business model also requires to start from market’s needs.

Innovative and disruptive operating solutions

In the digital age, the advancement of technology allows the business to implement innovative and disruptive operating solutions like never before. Enterprises need to inherit existing strengths in technology and customer data to create new services and products. Along with that, businesses that quickly grasp opportunities, innovative ideas and apply relevant technology solutions will further develop sustainably in the future.

Reference initiatives

The followings are 3 reference initiatives that business could apply within its comprehensive long-term digital transformation roadmap towards innovating the Next-Gen Business Model.
Comprehensive digital transformation of businesses

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