Beyond-satisfaction customer experience

Loyalty on digital base

Loyalty program is not simply a form of a rewarding program or redeeming points, but further than that, it needs to be a fully connected digital experience.
Loyalty program's purpose, on one side, is to help business promote enagegement with customers, retain customers for higher life value.
On the other side, loyalty program is a way to help business build and strengthen a sustainable business - customer relationship.
Implementing a loyalty system brings significant impacts to the company:
Boost sales through more targeted loyalty group
43% Customers participating in Loyalty Program contribute1of annual sales
Improve customer retention rate
93% consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases at companies with excellent customer service
Better customer experience through data collecting & analyzing
80% customers would share relevant data to have personalized, contextualized interactions with brand
82% Customers would share relevant data to receive connections between their digital and in-person experiences
In this digital era, loyalty program could not be successful without utilizing digital power such as data analytics, digital ecosystem and interactions. A digital tool becomes a must have for an effective loyalty program, especially to tech-savvy generations such as Millennials and Gen Z, which are now accounted for 64% of population.
Loyalty program not only brings value to customers but also creates benefits for the business. Business can rely on loyal customers to understand more details about them and develop stronger, as many of them are willing to share information and data to receive more beneficial benefits.
We help enterprise build a digital loyalty platform
Utilizing the power and development of technologies, business can create an effective digital loyalty platform. Here is where our strengths in technology and our best practices will benefit your business.
Revise and improve current loyalty program comprehensively (on both traditional and digital loyalty platform), short – long term
  • Revise and enhance customer interface.
  • Collect and harmonize customer data.
  • Analyze data to propose experience enhancement initiatives.
  • Integrate new initiatives and values into touchpoints.
  • Evaluate P&L and plan on next improvement actions.
Utilize new technologies and ideas to further engage customers and enhance loyalty experience
  • Use blockchain to improve cybersecurity, protect customer data and as a bridge to link multiple parties in a loyalty ecosystem.
  • Apply gamification to create a more engaging environment.
  • Apply machine learning and big data analysis to provide personalized experiences.
Listen to the Voice of Customer (VOC) on product/service development
  • Create early-bird feedback on product/service at alpha, beta phases to adjust and improve the product/service that fits their interest.
  • Gain disruptive & innovative digital initiatives from loyalty base.
As of digital age, when customers are changing their buying behaviors and becoming less loyal due to various products and services choices, building a customer loyalty program on a right digital base and platform will result in customers retaining and adhering to brand.
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