Digital transformation
for province

National digital transformation program to 2025, with orientation to 2030, Vietnam accelerates digital transformation with specific implementation actions in each industry, each field, and each locality.

In order to integrate with world development trends and national shared development orientation, provinces and cities develop and implement digital transformation programs, in association with its strengths and local characteristics, in order to develop optimally, effectively and sustainably.

The core


Digital government


Digital economy


Digital society

Digital transformation consulting services for province

FPT Digital provides digital transformation consulting services to provinces to develop comprehensive digital transformation programs, based on three main pillars with platforms and infrastructure as enablement.

Digital government

Develop digital government apparatus with two focuses:
  • Improve public service capabilities on digital platforms: synchronous, interconnected, transparent, optimal, convenient and fast for user groups.
  • Leverage data to help guide socio-economic development: collect, connect, integrate and analyze to develop appropriate policies.

Digital economy

Synchronous develop of digital economic components:
  • Accelerate digital transformation of core and spearhead industries to improve operational efficiency.
  • Enhance economic competitiveness with digital platforms that derived from and promote customer needs.
  • Build strengths in the fields of information technology and telecommunications to create the basis and driving force for digital transformation for all industries.

Digital society

Build a society with intelligent structure, serving people and taking the people as the center:
  • All citizens are digital citizens, interacting with governments, businesses and communities with digital services, on a digital environment.
  • Digital life with activities performed with smart devices to communicate, access digital content, use digital services.

Digital platforms & infrastructure

Develop platforms and infrastructure using technology to develop digital government, digital economy and digital society:
  • Platforms that use technology to provide services, goods, content such as: data platforms, computing and storage infrastructure, digital identity platforms, digital payments, etc.
  • Infrastructure includes hardware devices and software systems to support connection and information exchange such as connection infrastructure, computing and storage infrastructure, postal equipment and infrastructure, etc.

Digital transformation for province

FPT Digital consults on the comprehensive digital transformation plan on all pillars, in association with local characteristics, in order to help the province create a momentum for digital transformation based on its strengths and accelerated growth.
Going from the analysis of the current situation and insights of provinces leaders, departments, businesses, with leading experts in the fields of strategy, information technology, digital transformation, we deliver prioritized and breakthrough initiatives, build implementation roadmaps, attract investors and partners to cooperate and implement digital projects.
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