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Why business needs cybersecurity?
Technology development comes with the benefits in more convenient information storage. However, storing data on digital platforms also incurs the risk of information loss as hackers constantly use increasingly sophisticated techniques to interfere with the enterprise's resource systems to steal or destroy information for personal purpose.
In order to minimize data security risks, businesses need to proactively build a comprehensive Cybersecurity solution with all necessary features such as ability to warn risks early and respond quickly when any abnormal sign at any component of the system is detected, as well as capaility to investigate to the root of the problem.
Cybersecurity definition
Cybersecurity refers to the deployment of security solutions to ensure the safety of information systems, networks and programs from attacks on digital platforms.
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Build a complete cybersecurity solution with FPT Digital based on 3 essential factors
Essential factors when building a complete Cybersecurity solution
A successful approach in building and deploying a Cybersecurity solution is to ensure that the solution is established comprehensively across all components from computers, networks to software programs or the data needed to be protected.
In an enterprise, all three elements of human, process and technology must be focused on to develop vigorously as these elements always complement each other to create an effective protection against cyber-attacks.
FPT Digital consult Cybersecurity solution to ensure the security for all 3 elements, connects them and form a robust security network for business:
01 Human element
People is the most essential element of any cyber security program. Hence, internally, every business needs to train developers to secure encryption, train employees to always adhere to basic data protection principles such as choosing strong passwords, being careful with any links or attachments in email, and making sure to regularly back up important data in safe places.
02 Technology element
Apply the right technologies to keep the system safe, from terminal devices such as computers, smart devices, routers to networks and cloud computing systems. Some common technologies still bring high efficiency such as next-generation firewalls, DNS filters, antivirus programs or security solutions in the network system, email security, etc. Besides, applying the most modern technologies also contributes significantly to outstanding efficiency in information security such as Artificial Intelligence – Operate similar to 2-factor authentication to identify users and secure information; Deep Learning - Analyze incurred data to detect threats; Behavioral Analytics – Analyze behaviors to detect potential threats; Embedded Hardware Authentication - verify user identity; Blockchain Cybersecurity – Establish a strong verification system to prevent potential cyber threats.
03 Process element
Build frameworks in dealing with cyber attacks. A standard framework can guide and explain for everyone to understand and follow, prevent risks, identify problems and protect the system, while at the same time, support system recovery after being attacked.
Data is business’ important asset for business growth, therefore, cybersecurity is an essential to protect this asset. Build a solid security network with FPT Digital as a foundation for your business to grow sustainably.
Other reference initiatives
To strengthen technological capabilities, besides of having a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, initiatives and roadmap are tailor made for each business to ensure practical and feasible implementation approach. Some other reference initiatives for strengthening technological capabilities include:
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