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Internet of Thing

The role of Industrial IoT technology in smart factory transformation

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global industrial IoT market size is expected to reach $72.7 billion by 2021 and grow at a CAGR of 9.09%, reaching…
16 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Digital transformation of state-owned enterprises: in need of a different roadmap

The digital transformation process in Vietnam is taking place in a strong way, especially among state-owned agencies and enterprises.
07 March, 2022
Internet of Thing

Increasing the application of IoT sensors in agriculture

Applying IoT in agriculture will manage, produce, and process food with higher quality and productivity than traditional agriculture, to meet the increasing demand for food worldwide.
12 May, 2020
Internet of Thing

The roles of digital finance in the agriculture industry

Digital finance plays a crucial role in promoting the capability of providing agricultural finance and enabling organizations to aim for credit purpose in more precise manner.
08 July, 2020
Digital Strategy

The development of AI in Vietnam national digital transformation acceleration

Among digital technologies, AI is one of the cores with presences in many digital initiatives, providing the ability to explore the hidden values as well as replacing human to execute…
28 March, 2022
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Digital Strategy

Finding new revenue sources for journalism

The communication industry is facing competitive challenges from social technology platforms and increasing demands from audiences.
13 March, 2020
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