Beyond-satisfaction customer experience

experience design

Design experience with empathy and brings impacts that last.
The results of an excellent customer experience are not only making your customers satisfied but also motivating them to become your business’ advocates.
To improve the customer experience is to uphold the impression you leave to your customers about your brand, across every touch points of the customer journey.
Our approach to help business design excellent customer experience
We collaborate closely with business to gain insights of business’ current situation, strategy and customer portraits.
Based on this information, we form initiatives and actualize them to enhance interactions between customers and business, through improving the appearance, functionalities and the ways products & services are delivered, forming impressive experiences.
Experience design
Understanding the importance of experience design, we consider the Why, What, and How factors of user emotions to create a human-centric approach. We always keep user’s needs at top of mind during design process, through design thinking strategy, lean concept and agile product development.
Digital products design
Designing new digital products requires both creative skills and technological skills. The process performed by creating and rapid prototyping with end users, then, based on the results, we evaluate and continually improve until the products/services meet the desired state.
Design Studio
At Design Studio, we work with creativity, enthusiasm, passion, with attention to details and compelling product/service storytelling. We use our combined skills and experiences to deliver products and services that ensure common senses of functionality while, at the same time, uphold aesthetic elements.
FPT Digital Studio
Where your ideas become reality
We put "strategy, creativity, craft, communication" together in one room, creating and developing products, services or experiences that ensure these four criteria, building the differences.
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