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In the context of the Vietnamese government promoting digital transformation, particularly in the energy sector, through enacting policies such as Decision 893/QD-TTg approving the National Energy Master Plan for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision toward 2050; or Resolution Ref

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The oil and gas industry plays an extremely significant role in the economy, providing energy for manufacturing, business and daily life activities through the exploration and processing of resources such as crude oil and natural gas. In the context of the global economy facing numerous challenges, OPEC forecasts that the demand for crude oil will continue to increase in the next 3-5 years. Regardless, since natural resources are finite, the shift to green transformation is an inevitable and urgent solution for the oil and gas industry to protect the environment and ensure sustainable development.

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The movement towards ESG standards (Environmental, Social, Governance – a trio of benchmarks assessing aspects related to enterprises’ sustainable development) is a worldwide trend that is deeply related to a company’s core strategy and business operations.

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A comprehensive view of how to approach and deploy D2C model for Vietnamese manufacturing enterprises, as well as what to expect from new supporting technologies that help them execute D2C effectively.

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In the context of a complex and uncertain world, the increase in risk awareness among individuals and businesses creates a great demand for insurance products to protect against unexpected threats, such as accidents, diseases, property damages, and unnecessary loss. Symbolizing stability and safety, the insurance industry is compared to a “protective wall” that helps to keep and safeguard individuals, organizations, and enterprises from risks and damages. For example, the insurance industry will protect assets, manage risks and provide financial support to businesses when faced with risks, fostering a stable and reliable environment for business development.

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Digital economic development is an inevitable trend around the world, and Vietnam is also not out of this disposition. Vietnam’s digital economy goal is to reach about 20% of GDP by 2025. It is forecasted that by 2030, the digital economy will enhance Vietnam’s GDP by 7 – 16%, equivalent to roughly 28 – 62 billion USD. The government has launched several guidelines, policies, and solutions to promote the country’s digital economy, in which people are one of the key factors. New human resources with digital thinking and digital skills will be the main force to deploy, realize, and decide the development of the digital economy.

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In the context of macroeconomics have many unpredictable changes such as inflation, geopolitical tensions, and economic instability, businesses may continue to face challenges but can also receive special opportunities in 2023. However, according to a survey by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in 2022, only 2.2% of enterprises can really reach the maturity of digital, master technology and software to make business decisions. According to Cisco, Vietnam ranks 57 out of 146 countries in terms of digitization, a relatively low rate compared to Vietnam’s technological potential. Therefore, Vietnamese businesses need to accelerate the digital transformation process with core technologies in the digital ecosystem.

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The interest of customers, investors, employees or business partners on issues related to sustainability, environmentally and socially responsible business is increasing. Therefore, it is inevitable for enterprises to develop according to the trend of commitment to ESG goals: environmental protection, social construction, and governance improvement.

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Recent years, the fast-growing direct-to-customer (D2C) business model has transformed the distribution channels in the market. More and more companies are designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and shipping on their own directly to customers without intermediaries. On the consumer side, factors such as better prices, website with full information or easier to contact directly to brands …

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Customer experience is one of the top priorities in the product and service development strategy of most current businesses. Along with the support of the digital platform, businesses can completely achieve excellence in customer experience.

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Enhancing the Digital transformation capability of enterprises in the leather and footwear industry in Vietnam According to the World Leather and Footwear Yearbook 2021, Vietnam ranks second in the world regarding footwear exports.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has had nearly half of a decade of establishment and development. However, due to global fluctuations in terms of supply chains in the past 2 years, the CPG industry has accelerated digitalization, actively invested, and applied new technology to optimize the capacity to operate production activities, extremely personalized customer experience as well as develop a green and sustainable production ecosystem.

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