Operational excellence

Smart factory

The technology that changes the entire production process
Technologies such as AI, robotics, cognitive automation, data analysis, etc. are creating momentum for the manufacturing industry to change drastically. In particular, data collection & analysis and process optimization are the key activities within the digital transformation process of manufacturing units.
The foundation for digital transformation success within a factory is the IoT network. As the core of a smart factory is that every product, process, machine or tool can be connected and communicate with each other within the same setting, boosting productivity and efficiency for the whole production process.
In traditional manufacturing plants, manufacturing stages often operate separately, lack the connectivity and are manually operated by workers.
Lots of effort to train workers
Difficult to strictly manage and arrange inventory rotation in real time
Difficult to handle in case of labor shortage
Interrupted production process, takes time to switch between stages
Incorrect reporting information as it was reported depending entirely on the worker
Factors Leading to Inefficient and Time-Consuming Management
FPT Digital consults smart factory solution for business
- 2 key digital management and operation systems -
“64% industrial companies would invest more in building a product lifecycle management system in 2019.”
(CIMdata, 2019)
Digital management and operation system based on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
The PLM system integrates data throughout the production value chain from the product ideation to product deployment and put into use via sensors and software that are built-in to machines and equipment. Information from the devices is, then, measured, analyzed and transmitted to a shared system, from which managers can directly access and receive reports.
Digital management and operation system based on Manufacturing operation management (MOM)
The MOM system digitizes the entire manufacturing process from production materials collection, production planning and process optimization, to ensure the quality of the manufacturing process and deliver reliable information for management.
“The global manufacturing operations management software market is set to expand robustly at a CAGR of ~10% during the period of 2019 - 2023."
Transparency Market Research, 2019
A production management system solution
Currently, FPT provides a production management system solution that helps businesses manage, monitor and synchronize data in real time, throughout the production process.
FPT is also a partner of GE and Siemens - the two leading technology corporations in the world in providing comprehensive solutions for businesses in manufacturing sector.
In the beverage manufacturing sector, FPT has successfully implemented production management system solutions for a number of factories in Asia and Western Europe. By integrating this system with ERP software, managers can monitor in real-time the productivity and quality of the entire plant quickly and compactly. With the system, factories can also take initiatives in arranging maintenance and downtime schedules, thereby, optimizing operation.
Other reference initiatives
To promote operational excellence, besides of having a smart factory, initiatives and roadmap are tailor made for each business to ensure practical and feasible implementation approach. Some other reference initiatives for promoting operational excellence include:
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