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ứng dụng chuyển đổi số trong nông nghiệp
Digital Strategy02 August, 2022
Digital transformation applications in agriculture create smart agriculture while modernizing value chains and connecting agroecosystems. The article below will provide information about three digital transformation applications that effectively support the…
Digital Strategy

Green manufacturing through digital technology

Before referring to "Green manufacturing", we will likely be more familiar with "lean manufacturing", an effective method for eliminating waste from production operations and improving the company's finances.
04 July, 2022
Internet of Thing

Application of AI technology in the insurance industry

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a technology that simulates human thought and learning processes for machines. AI used to be something that only existed in the human imagination and fiction movies…
01 July, 2022
Internet of Thing

What does agriculture’s digital transformation entail? What are the effective solutions?

Digital transformation in agriculture is described as the process of applying technical instruments from production to processing, distribution, and consumption of products. Significantly, the application of technology techniques is a…
20 June, 2022
Internet of Thing

Digital transformation in logistics: Breakthrough opportunities after the pandemic

Digital transformation in logistics is regarded as a major priority in the current context due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s find out with FPT the current situation and…
14 June, 2022
Chuyển đổi số marketing bất động sản
Internet of Thing

Digital transformation of real estate marketing – An inevitable trend of development 

Along with changes in user behavior and expectations as well as technological advancements, digital transformation has become a vital strategy for the marketing industry and, specifically, the real estate sector.…
14 June, 2022
Internet of Thing

06 digital transformation trends in banking in 2022

Capturing the digital transformation trends in 2022 can help banks better orient their activities in the foreseeable future. With increasingly competitive market and ever-rising demand of users, it is vital…
09 May, 2022
Digital Strategy

Application of automation in appraisal of mortgage loan applications

The optimization by technology in every stage, especially in loan appraisal stage, has significantly reduced costs and improved customer experience due to the timely and efficient processing of the systems.
15 April, 2022
Internet of Thing

Banking-as-a-Service: A new wave

In the financial sector, Banking-as-a-Service platforms have emerged as critical components of Open Banking, in which companies provide more transparent financial options to account holders by opening programming interfaces (APIs)…
05 April, 2022
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