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High-tech farming and production. Restructuring and disrupting the value chain

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What does agriculture’s digital transformation entail? What are the effective solutions?

Digital transformation in agriculture is described as the process of applying technical instruments from production to processing, distribution, and consumption of products. Significantly, the application of technology techniques is a…
20 June, 2022
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Breakthrough to increase productivity and create new directions with the 4.0 aquaculture model

Seafood companies around the world are aiming to build a smart farming model with the help of advanced technologies to increase the production and quality of livestock.
20 August, 2021
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The breakthrough direction of 10 leading companies in aquaculture and seafood processing

With the strong impact of the 4th technological revolution on socio-economic fields, companies in the aquaculture and seafood processing industry are not outside the wave of transformation to respond to…
20 August, 2021
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Artificial intelligence adoption to help in warning and forecasting the environmental conditions in agriculture

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture helps to quickly promote agriculture by analyzing, monitoring, and predicting various environmental impacts related to productivity and crop quality. This supports farmers…
17 February, 2021
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Optimizing agricultural production with the 2nd green revolution

The global population is growing rapidly, leading to increasing demand for food. To meet this increased demand, technology is considered a sustainable direction and solution to optimize the agricultural production…
22 September, 2020
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The roles of digital finance in the agriculture industry

Digital finance plays a crucial role in promoting the capability of providing agricultural finance and enabling organizations to aim for credit purpose in more precise manner.
08 July, 2020
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Increasing the application of IoT sensors in agriculture

Applying IoT in agriculture will manage, produce, and process food with higher quality and productivity than traditional agriculture, to meet the increasing demand for food worldwide.
12 May, 2020
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Agriculture in the digital age

The needs from food consumption and security have required agribusinesses to grow stronger, along with the effects from Covid-19, drived agricultural industry to make a quick transformation to leap
11 May, 2020
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