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Integration and
orchestration strategies

Why business needs an integrated and orchestrated platform?
Businesses are widely applied Mobile applications, CRM systems, ERP systems, security systems, IoT sensors, SaaS applications, cloud computing, etc. in their technology systems and operations processes. Depending on corporate’s size, industry and culture, the number of technology applications used daily can reach hundreds. This raises an inevitable need for fast and smooth data access ability. Integrating data from applications in the the operating system will help businesses meet this need.
In fact, the data connection among applications within businesses is still complicated through many data processing intermediaries, consuming time and resources. Integrated and orchestrated platforms were created to handle this problem, help businesses perform integration of the right data, contributing to successful digital transformations.
The benefits of an integrated and orchestrated platform
Integrated and orchestrated platforms support integration, automatically processing information flows from a variety of applications, help extending and enhancing the capabilities of software ecosystems, eliminating intermediate integration steps and maximize the performance of the services.
Platform packed according to each specific device type (Mobile, IoTs, PC ...)
Platform based on the design of APIs in the form of query-based API
Platform based on the design of APIs with practical experience
Build your business’ integration & orchestrated platform with FPT Digital
With a team of experienced experts and technical domain, FPT Digital consults business on building an Integrated and Orchestrated Platform that delivers optimal benefits in data management and utilization, including:
Optimize platform’s data processing performance by balancing the ability of reducing requirements of mandatory data in data model in comparing to the original API design, but still ensuring requirements of standard quality.
Reduce data retrieval load and significantly increase efficiency, share resources for other retrieval requests by balancing the possibility of complexity increase when using APIs. This capability only needs to configure API a few times so it doesn't affect operational performance.
Understand and respond to the needs of each component using the API: Each component may have different API requirements, which can be met only by integrated and orchestrated platform, or an One-size-fit-all platform in addition to it.
Always prioritize the security and protection of data to avoid possible issues.
Fast deployment with low cost, agile and simple operation.
Other reference initiatives
To strengthen technological capabilities, besides of having intergration and orchestration strategies, initiatives and roadmap are tailor made for each business to ensure practical and feasible implementation approach. Some other reference initiatives for strengthening technological capabilities include:
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