Digital transformation consulting for businesses​

technological capabilities

Strengthen technological capabilities is one of the foundations for digital transformation

The core


An agile IT infrastructure


Cybersecurity and privacy


Integration and orchestration strategies


The core of strengthening technology capabilities lies in developing the needed capabilities to realize the targeted enterprise architecture through the process of defining and developing the components of the enterprise architecture. One of the most important components is defining and developing an agile IT infrastructure platform that can be easily deployed and replicated while controlling security and safety issues in the enterprise. Along with that is the efficient use and management of data with integration and orchestration strategies.

Maturity level of enterprises

Strengthening technology capabilities will depend on the capacity and situation of each enterprise. Enterprises need to assess their current level of digital maturity, including their IT capabilities, thereby, firmly building technology, security and privacy systems, expanding more suitable and available solutions for business to be ready in digital transformation.

Efficient data management and usage​

Integrated data in information system infrastructure and automatically processed from platforms will help businesses meet their operational and information processing needs. Enhance seamless and fast access to information and data, eliminate intermediate integration steps, and maximize the performance of services and business operations.
Comprehensive digital transformation of businesses

Other consulting services

In our comprehensive digital transformation consulting service, besides consulting on "Strengthen Technological Capabilities", we also provide other consulting contents:
Digital Maturity Assessment
FPT Digital Kaizen™ assesses an organization’s digital and analytics maturity to discover digital opportunities, identify gaps between current capabilities and those of digital leaders, and execute a prioritized road map of high-impact transformation initiatives.