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EP07: The significance of data in management and business operations
30 September, 2022

EP07: The significance of data in management and business operations

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Key content

Data and data governance are crucial for every enterprise in today’s economy. According to current trend, when enterprises are gradually shifting their operating system to digitalize, data governance as well as building data strategy becomes a vital issue of enterprises.

In operational and business administration, what’s the role of data and data governance? How can enterprises build a good data strategy, as well as maximize the use of data strategy. And how can enterprises ensure that they use the data related to finance and accounting as well as customer information effectively and safe?

Content sessions
1. 03:36 - The role of data and data strategy in business management and operation
2. 07:52 - Case study in data mining and data strategy implementation at FPT Software
3. 11:00 - Key aspects of a good data strategy for business, and advices for enterprises when building a data strategy
4. 15:36 - Value, benefits that customer/consumer data brings to enterprises
5. 19:38 - The role of data in managing the financial resources of the business and sharing experiences from CFO’s perspective
6. 25:54 - Story about how data is aggregated in general and financial in particular of a multinational enterprise
7. 35:00 - Difficulties enterprises are facing and lesson learned in customer data governance
8. 40:02 - Execution process for effective strategy implementation and expert advice
Mr. Nguyen Khai Hoan
Chief Finance Officer, FPT Software
Mr. Phan Hong Son
Sales Manager, Mobio Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai
Consulting Director of Digital Transformation, FPT Digital
Host Vuong Quan Ngoc
Consulting Director, FPT Digital

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