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EP08: Digital transformation in Japanese enterprises – Opportunities and Threats
31 October, 2022

EP08: Digital transformation in Japanese enterprises – Opportunities and Threats

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Key content

The pandemic is a driving force, creating strong impact to the digital transformation process of enterprises all around the world, including Japan. It can be said that digital transformation has brought positive changes in operations for enterprises and organizations, as well as for people. According to Reuter, Japan in general, enterprises in particular have been positioning digital transformation as an important factor in their development strategy.

What is the status quo of digital transformation in Japan? Is there any difference between digital transformation in Japan and Vietnam, from the advantages to the difficulties, challenges and the opportunities of enterprises in general and enterprises in manufacturing sector in particular? What are the criteria that enterprises in the manufacturing sector need to pay attention to when choosing a consulting firm to support their digital transformation journey?

Content sessions
1. 03:46 - General assessment of status quo of digital transformation of Japanese enterprises in Japan
2. 12:41 - Opportunities for enterprises in general, manufacturing sector in particular post-pandemic
3. 15:43 - Advantages and disadvantages of Japanese enterprises when implementing digital transformation - factory digitization, how businesses overcome barriers
4. 20:53 - Expert advice for enterprises when embarking on digital transformation - factory digitization
5. 24:52 - Real story of the process of digitizing factory of Japanese enterprise in Vietnam
6. 30:25 - Success stories of a Japanese enterprise implementing digital transformation
Mr. Hatano Koji
Production Manager, Nippon Steel Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Huu Long
CEO, FPT Consulting Japan
Mr. Le Minh Quan
General Manager, Automotive & Manufacturing industry, FPT Software
Host Vuong Quan Ngoc
Consulting Director, FPT Digital

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