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EP09: Blockchain and its application in business and community
30 November, 2022

EP09: Blockchain and its application in business and community

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Key content

The idea of blockchain has been around since the 90s, however, it has only really exploded in the last decade, with cryptocurrency – Bitcoin is the most prominent application. However, blockchain is not only just a cryptocurrency but has many applications for users and businesses in reality. As a new technology, it is clear that blockchain still has potential and room for development. And it should be applied properly with the participation of businesses, technology companies and associations.

Status quo of blockchain development in the world and in Vietnam? In practical, how do companies research and apply it to their business? What difficulties and challenges still exist and their solutions? Experts’ perspective on blockchain application in the next 5-10 years?

Content sessions
1. 03:27 - Current trends & application of Blockchain in the world and in Vietnam
2. 07:00 - Vietnam’s position in the context of applying Blockchain
3. 10:00 - Lessons learned when consulting Blockchain applications and building a roadmap. Difficulties that enterprises faced
4. 14:31 - Expert’s perspective about the values that Blockchain has created
5. 18:18 - Difficulties that enterprises faced and how to overcome
6. 25:14 - Expert’s opinion on Vietnam Blockchain Market in the next 10 years
7. 30:45 - Expert advice on applying Blockchain’s Use cases to meet businesses’ needs
8. 34:17 - Difficulties from research to practical application and how to overcome
Mr. Huy Nguyen
Vice President, Vietnam Blockchain Association
Mr. Dang Khanh Hung
Research Director, FPT Blockchain Lab
Mr. Le Huy Hoang
Digital Transformation Consultant, FPT Digital
Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc
Consultant Director, FPT Digital

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