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S2 EP02: Smart factory – Challenges and appropriate approaches
28 February, 2023

S2 EP02: Smart factory – Challenges and appropriate approaches

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Key content

The outstanding development of the industrial revolution 4.0 has brought opportunities to innovate and improve in many fields, such as the economy, engineering, and technology… Especially with the appearance of smart factories in the industrial and manufacturing areas, with outstanding and breakthrough features, helping to bring tangible efficiency to businesses. To accompany the emergence of the digital transformation trend, smart factory solutions have been born, using a combination of technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligent), Big Data, and IoT (Internet of Things)… allowing factories to self-operate, and adjust tasks to suit production requirements.

So what is the current trend of digital technology application in smart factories in the world and Vietnam? What are the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing enterprises as well as the value received when building smart factories? What is the value of implementation and what will the future of manufacturing enterprises look like when businesses can effectively apply digital technology to smart factories? Challenges and difficulties in building smart factories in Vietnam; the right approach for businesses?

Content sessions
1. 02:24 - Comments on the trend of applying digital technology in smart factories in SEA and Vietnam
2. 11:14 - The value and future of manufacturing enterprises when applying digital technology to smart factories. Challenges and difficulties when building smart factories in Vietnam
3. 15:18 - Activities that Omron deploying smart factories in Vietnam. Differences between Vietnam and developing countries when building smart factories
4. 23:02 - Expert’s perspective on the right smart factory building approach
5. 27:36 - Siemens’s smart factory solutions and success stories
6. 35:35 - Sharing stories about promoting smart factory-related activities in Vietnam by Omron
Mr. Phung Duy Han
General Director, Omron Vietnam
Mr. Vo Hong Ky
Head of Software, Siemens Vietnam
Mr. Pham Thanh Dai Linh
Director of Digital Technology Consulting, FPT Digital
Host Vu Dai Trang

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