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S2 EP11: Building a corporate security culture
27 November, 2023

S2 EP11: Building a corporate security culture

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Key content

Incorrect assessment of the importance of information security increases the risk of cyberattacks for businesses. A security incident will cause organizations to suffer reputational, financial, and legal damage.

Data, the “gold” of businesses and organizations, is transmitted through the internet and to other devices during business operations. Businesses and companies responsible for protecting information need to enhance their security activities to protect their information security and confidential data and to counter cyberattacks with increasing numbers and levels of sophistication.

To meet the needs of businesses and organizations for ensuring cybersecurity, information security, and security service providers offer solutions that meet urgent needs. It is important for businesses/organizations to understand their current situation to choose the right solution.

While building a digital transformation roadmap, businesses and organizations need to make security and privacy an essential part of their culture. This will raise awareness throughout the organization and make information security an essential part of all business activities and decisions.

Content sessions
1. 02:23 - Humans are the weakest link for hackers to attack
2. 12:41 - Building a plan for corporate security and safety
3. 18:08 - Fishing Simulation - Simulation of an online scam campaign
4. 21:29 - Making information security a corporate culture
5. 34:50 - Information security breaches at interprises
6. 42:00 - How to measure the effectiveness of an investment in a security system for businesses
7. 48:52 - Determining the value of data and scale to build a security plan
Mr. Peter Phuc Huynh
Regional Sr. Enterprise Sales Director at Proofpoint - Vice President, Co-Founders, CIO Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc
CEO & Founder at Cyradar
Mrs. Pham Le Huong
CEO & Founder at Qnet
Host Pham Ho Chung

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