Mr. Phuong Tram
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Mr. Phuong Tram

Mr. Phuong Tram is FPT Corporation’s Chief Advisor in Digital Transformation and was the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) of DuPont.

He currently serves as a board member for Technology Business Management Council, AT&T’s Executive Customers Advisory Board, Dell-EMC CIO Advisory Board as well as Salesforce’s CIO Advisory Board and Research Board.

Phuong Tram has been known as an exceptional CIO of Dupont who led the group to succeed in Digital Transformation. Thanks to his vision, DuPont was the first company to introduce e-commerce in Brazil and Singapore in 1997 and roll out globally across 20 countries to reduce cost, improve customer services and significantly cut down Customer Order Fulfillment Cycle time by 80%.

By a clear and seamless digitalization strategy, Mr. Phuong Tram reduced half of the billions of IT cost; and reduced legacy systems from 6,000 applications to 1,100 in 3 years. He led DuPont to be the avant-garde and the first company to adopt Window 365 in the world replacing Lotus Notes, hundreds of Lotus applications, collaborations environment and repository.

In collaboration with Microsoft, Mr. Tram ran the largest Azure environment for thousands of servers, including the largest 400+ core Azure for R&D computer simulation of product development and screening. With SAP, Phuong Tram consolidated and created 4 global SAP instances, making DuPont the first company to design and deliver SAP Hana Data in Hubs.

Moreover, he joined forces with AT&T to invent the secured Netbond that links open API with all commercial cloud environments such as Salesforce, SoftLayer, Azure, etc.

Despite the fact that Digital Transformation is expensive, time-consuming and vague, Mr. Tram believes that Digital Transformation is an inevitable journey for any businesses.

With the capacity and experience of implementing digital transformation for leading corporations and the consultation of Dr. Phuong Tram, FPT would transform into a digital enterprise this year, which operates based on near – real-time data, improving labour productivity and strong growth rate by innovating and applying 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and Chatbot in the group’s activities.

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