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EP04 | Customer experience in digital age
30 June, 2022

EP04 | Customer experience in digital age

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Key content

Trend that has been taken place in Vietnam currently is building and improving the customer experience. KPMG 2021 report has stated that incorporating customer experience into business’s development strategy will continue to remain focused by C-level in 2022. The report also indicates that enterprises in the market today are continuing to exploit new technologies that enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

When entering digital economy, how do enterprise assess the need to develop a digital transformation strategy that focusing on “Building a superior customer exeprience”? During implementation, are there any barriers or challenges that preventing enterprises from building superior customer experience? What benefits enterprises receive when applying technology to the “building superior customer experience” strategy?

Content sessions
1. 3:07 - The importance and values of “building superior customer experience” digital transformation strategy
2. 7:06 - Barriers and challenges that enterprises might face when building and deploying the digital transformation strategy “building superior customer experience”
3. 13:23 - Approaches, methods that enterprises can adopt to create value for not only customers but also enterprises
4. 18:46 - How B2B enterprises applied technology in their business
5. 21:35 - Advices from experts to build a digital transformation “superior customer experience” strategy
6. 29:22 - Expert’s perspective on current state of technology access of Vietnamese enterprises
7. 32:26 - Applying technology will assist enterprises in changing the game, enable enterprise to get advantages in the digital transformation journey to provide superior customer experience
Mr. Peter, Phuc Huynh
President, Co-Founder, CIO Vietnam
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang
Consulting Director, FPT Digital
Host Vuong Quan Ngoc
Consulting Director, FPT Digital

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