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EP05 | Enhance omnichannel customer experience
29 July, 2022

EP05 | Enhance omnichannel customer experience

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Key content

The ultimate goal of enhancing the customer experience is to maximize profitability, so we all understand that selling products or services in one channel isn’t enough. The development of media and advertising has upheld enterprise more and more channels for businesses to reach customers. Therefore, enterprises need to ensure the connection between every channel should be seamless experience for customers in their journey of purchasing products or using services of the businesses.

So what customer experience trends are happening currently in the world and in Vietnam? Why it says that digital transformation strategy that focus on omnichannel customer experience is important, as well as the application of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) has enhanced the customer experiences will bring values to the enterprises? How are enterprises, in general, in need of improving the customer experience? What obstacles have they met and advices from experts while developing and implementing a digital transformation strategy to create omni channels and application of AI in enhancing customer experience?

Content sessions
1. 03:52 - Enhance customer experience trends in Vietnam
2. 07:25 - How to merge channels to create seamlessly experience and notes for enterprises
3. 13:19 - Values for enterprises when building omnichannel
4. 17:18 - The needs of enterprises in enhancing customer experience and obstacles they meet when implementing
5. 20:53 - Values for enterprise when applying artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing customer experience
6. 24:13 - Real story in applying AI to enhance customer experience
7. 28:56 - Notice for enterprises when applying technology based on the opinion “Technology cannot replace people”
8. 35:53 - Lessons learned from applying AI and enhancing customer experience
9. 38:26 - The developer's perspective on the application of AI
Mr. Nguyen Phu An
Director of Strategy & Planning
Director of Customer Experience
FPT Telecom
Mrs. Tran Anh Thu
Customer Service Manager
Operation Department
National Citizen Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Mrs. Vu Hai Yen
Product Manager
Conversation FPT.AI
FPT Smart Cloud
Host Vuong Quan Ngoc
Consulting Director, FPT Digital

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