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EP10: Digital transformation in provincial planning
29 December, 2022

EP10: Digital transformation in provincial planning

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Key content

As we all know, provincial planning is a very necessary thing for each province and city. Because it shows the government’s interest in the use of land, resources and sustainable development. The provincial planning can also be seen as a guide to help agencies and departments plan for the preparation, review and revise the development and province strategy plan. From that, there will be corresponding actions to attract investors and promote the provinces’ potential and strengths. Moreover, the consultation and companionship of reputable and experienced consulting firms will help provincial and city governments to build a provincial planning strategy with clear goals, and help integrate combine other factors such as application of achievements of the 4.0 revolution, successful and effective digital transformation.

Why cooperate with a reputable consulting firm in the field of building master plan to develop of the provincial planning plays an important role? How can the government identify difficulties, problems and solutions when planning? What should the government pay attention to when integrating the content “Digital economy” into the planning of provinces and cities; and what plans and actions should be taken to accelerate digital transformation in general and the economy in particular?

Content sessions
1. 04:50 - Lesson learned from the city planning of developed countries
2. 10:16 - Opportunities that provinces and cities needs to take advantage of when formulating provincial planning strategy
3. 17:25 - What is the impact of provincial and city development planning when integrating elements in the national digital transformation strategy
4. 21:17 - Difficulties that localities are facing when integrating digital transformation programs into provincial planning and how to solve them
5. 29:07 - Suggestions for provinces and cities to grasp and accelerate digital transformation in general and digital economy in particular
6. 35:22 - Expert’s perspective on breakthrough ideas & investment attraction activities from the perspective of the consulting unit
Ms. Patti Wang
Associate Partner, McKinsey
Mr. Nguyen Quoc Truong
Director of Department for Service development strategies, Vietnam Institute for Development Strategy, Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh
Director of Business Operation Division, FPT Digital
Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc
Consultant Director, FPT Digital

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