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Net Zero: Charting a Sustainable Future for Agriculture
01 April, 2024

Net Zero: Charting a Sustainable Future for Agriculture

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Key content

Shaping the background of a green agricultural economy involves establishing criteria and standards for accurate identification, highlighting the real value of the goal of building a sustainable green agricultural economy and how it will benefit the economy.

The role of biotechnology has led to the creation of a myriad of agricultural products contributing to the goal of transforming agriculture into a green, sustainable, carbon-balanced economy.

Exchanging experiences and perspectives on key policy and green finance solutions to optimize technology in agricultural production.

Directional suggestions for all parties to jointly build a green agricultural economy.

Content sessions
1. 02:37 - Impacts of climate change on agriculture
2. 04:59 - International policies
3. 09:52 - The Ministry of Agriculture's transformation directions
4. 20:50 - The role of enterprises in the green agricultural economic development model
5. 28:03 - Stakeholders in greening agriculture
6. 36:36 - The role of technology in green agricultural economic development
7. 40:40 - Green finance and credit solutions
Mr. Vuong Xuan Hoa
Vice Director of Ecology and Environment Institute
Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung
General Secretary The Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association (VIDA)
Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh
Digital Transformation and Sustainability Consulting Director, FPT Digital
Host Nguyen Trang Nhung

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