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S2 EP03: Digital transformation in supply chain management
30 March, 2023

S2 EP03: Digital transformation in supply chain management

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Key content

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic that disrupted the global supply chain, conducting digital transformation in supply chain management has become a requirement to help businesses cut service costs, improve efficiency, and improve service quality. performance during overall operation. Every business needs to have the right approach to make the most of digital transformation, identify how to apply it, the benefits in the process of implementing the plan, and the difficulties that may be encountered in the future. Digital transformation helps companies take advantage of modern resources to increase data control in the supply chain and improve their ability to meet customer needs, becoming pioneers, and developing dramatically in the field.

So what is the current status of the digital transformation of logistics enterprises and production & supply enterprises in supply chain management in the world and Vietnam? How to develop a strategy to improve the responsiveness and reliability of services provided to corporate clients? What barriers and challenges are Vietnamese businesses facing when implementing digital transformation toward the goal of digitizing the supply chain and how to overcome them? What should businesses pay attention to when setting criteria for selecting partners to accompany businesses in digital transformation?

Content sessions
1. 02:20 - Current status of digital transformation of manufacturing and supply enterprises. Differences in digital transformation capacity between businesses around the world and Vietnam.
2. 07:50 - The current situation of digital transformation of logistics enterprises in Vietnam, lessons learned when building digital transformation strategy for enterprises
3. 12:15 - Expert advice for businesses to build digital transformation strategies; barriers and methods to overcome as well as selection criteria for consulting firms
4. 21:08 - Three key points to keep in mind for businesses when building and deploying technology and data solutions
5. 26:54 - Typical solutions to support supply chain management provided by SAP and success stories
6. 39:16 - What are the opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises in terms of digital transformation for supply chain; What is the quickwin solution that businesses should pay attention to?
Mr. Doan Huu Hau
Deputy Director of IT Center, Vietnam Post
Mr. Tran Viet Dung
Solution Architect, SAP Vietnam
Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc
Director of Digital Technology Consulting Division, FPT Digital
Host Pham Ho Chung
Consulting Manager, FPT Digital

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