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S2 EP05: New generation leaders and digital transformation
30 May, 2023

S2 EP05: New generation leaders and digital transformation

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Key content

Future leaders of family businesses in Vietnam are facing many challenges as maintaining a business and growing the business is not only about revenue growth, but also includes issues of management, human resources, policies… as well as digital transformation. Especially in the context of “blooming” technologies and services to support businesses, they need to have a higher need for self-development, transformation, and learning than ever before, to be able to keep up with the trend of enterprises. New Age. Young leaders also need to be sensitive to market trends, to be able to seize opportunities at the right time, optimize existing resources, as well as identify development opportunities and challenges. knowledge for businesses in the 4.0 technology era.

So the people who will succeed in the family business in the future – how can they cope with the challenges and difficulties, be ready to take on the big responsibilities, and make the decisions for the future? your family business? Technology application and digital transformation in businesses, with new generation leaders, is there any difference in thinking and views compared to those who have gone before?

Content sessions
1. 01:37 - Why to choose succeed family businesses
2. 02:55 - Motivation and method to persuade people support and accept decisions
3. 10:00 - New opportunities brought by the younger generation to promote technology and digital transformation
4. 12:10 - The most important factor determines the success of the Digital Transformation program in a business
5. 17:31 - Young leaders' perspective on fostering creative and flexible innovation culture
6. 19:47 - Young generation entrepreneurs, F2 Generation working together, supporting each other, creating the global Vietnamese entrepreneur community
Ms. Vu Thi Thu Quynh
Head of Strategy and Development Division, AB Bank
Mr. Pham Nhat Thanh
Business Development Manager, Phu Thai Holdings Group
Host Tran Minh Nguyet

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