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S2 EP06: Customer outreach – Latest trends of manufacturers and retailers
30 June, 2023

S2 EP06: Customer outreach – Latest trends of manufacturers and retailers

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Key content

Before technologies developed, there were two main business models that Vietnamese businesses had been using: B2B and B2C. However, as the current situation has changed, new opportunities are opening up for businesses in general. Technology has improved the customer experience; at the same time creating new business models, including a combination of manufacturers, distribution and users (B2B2C) or direct distribution of products to customers (via genuine stores, websites, e-commerce) without going through any distribution channel (D2C).

For businesses that are manufacturers, how they are approaching customers; What positive changes have been made to the business in the digital transition towards enhancing the customer experience. In the D2C model, what role do retailers play in connecting manufacturers and consumers? Besides, how they are building an ecosystem in which customer data sharing is optimized, helping to enhance customer experience. And from a consulting point of view, what should be taken into account when applying and implementing these new models.

Content sessions
1. 02:22 - Requirements of understanding customers.
2. 05:24 - Difficulties while approaching new markets.
3. 08:50 - Retailers’ role in connecting with manufacturers, building eco-system to enhance customer experiences.
4. 13:55 - The role of understanding and enhance customer experience.
5. 17:08 - Business models enterprises should implement.
6. 18:59 - The effect of digital transformation to retailers in B2B2C model.
7. 30:56 - Reality from manufacturers when implementing digital transformation in D2C model.
8. 39:43 - Lesson learned for manufacturers.
9. 45:55 - Notes when transferring from traditional model to providing digital experience to customers.
Mr Tran Minh Tu
Deputy General Director, Kem Nghia JSC
Mrs. Nguyen Do Quyen
Chief Operating Officer at FPT Retail
Mr. Le Vu Minh
Consulting Director of Strategy & Innovation, FPT Digital
Mr. Pham Ho Chung

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