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S2 EP07: Sales & Operation Planning in manufacturing sectors
31 July, 2023

S2 EP07: Sales & Operation Planning in manufacturing sectors

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Key content

Sales & Operation planning (abbreviation of S&OP) is one of the solutions that can support businesses in solving problems such as processes, data, but also communication, direction and coordination between different parties. In addition, S&OP plays a very important role in building a plan that is agreed by all parties such as: productions, suppliers, sales. It means that stakeholders will provide important information and participate in the planning process as well as adjust the plan timely and fast. In fact, most large enterprises with high-level planning can only apply S&OP with a wide range of products, complex production models. Optimizing the output of goods produced according to capacity, both consumed, reduced inventory, and increased profits have become necessary requirements for manufacturing enterprises.

The question is whether manufacturing and supply businesses can both move towards the S&OP model through digital transformation? Are the benefits of S&OP really effective for businesses when it comes to investment. How can we build and deploy synchronized with other large systems such as ERP, SCM, MOM/MES? What should businesses pay attention to when setting criteria for selecting partners to accompany businesses in digital transformation?

Content sessions
1. 01:30 - S&OP application status quo in Vietnam & worldwide
2. 04:40 - Differences when applying S&OP in different industries
3. 06:43 - Practical story about S&OP applications from big corporations
4. 15:34 - The connection between digital transformation and implementing S&OP
5. 20:40 - Where should businesses start
6. 28:01 - The role of implementation consulting partner
7. 30:12 - Technology element in S&OP implementation
8. 41:25 - Available solution to support businesses in implementing S&OP
9. 54:20 - Opportunities for Vietnamese businesses
Mr. Nguyen Anh Nguyen
Founder, Chairman & CIO, Hatto Group
Mr. Doan Ngoc
Solution Consultant, Oracle Vietnam
Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc
Consulting Director, FPT Digital
Host Pham Ho Chung
Consulting Manager, FPT Digital

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