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S2 EP08: Lean Manufacturing
31 August, 2023

S2 EP08: Lean Manufacturing

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Key content

Lean Manufacturing, is a term derived from Toyota’s production system, a system that was introduced in the 1950s and is better known for its efficiency when implementing just-in-time production.

By the beginning of the 21st century, the Lean Manufacturing principle was further strengthened by the emergence of a variety of new technologies. The combination of Lean and Digital technology is one of the ultimate directions to help Lean overcome traditional limitations, helping executives bring resource optimization to a new level. The goal of Lean Manufacturing is to optimize resources and costs in production by eliminating waste in production. The lean manufacturing system has gone beyond the boundaries of traditional manufacturing industries to expand into the service fields including healthcare, retail, travel, banking, offices, hospitals, and administrative offices. Lean manufacturing is considered one of the core tenets of the world’s leading factories and a “religion” that manufacturers must follow.

So, what role is Lean Manufacturing playing in promoting industrial development in Vietnam? What are the benefits and challenges of Lean Manufacturing? And how can Vietnamese businesses successfully apply Lean Manufacturing in their operations?

Content sessions
1. 02:18 - Maturity level of wood industries in Vietnam
2. 06:45 - Digital Transformation and Technology close the Gap
3. 09:42 - Technology is supporting the business
4. 13:36 - The reality of applying technology by businesses
5. 16:16 - IoT benefits in applying lean manufacturing
6. 22:29 - Challenges while applying lean manufacturing
7. 26:52 - People factor in digital transformation
8. 32:05 - Challenges when approaching and supporting businesses to adopt lean manufacturing
9. 36:08 - Difficulty persuading businesses to apply digital technology to lean manufacturing
10. 41:13 - Expectations for the future of lean manufacturing
Mr. Hou Lei
Chief of Products & Ops Excellence, Auk Industries
Mr. Nguyen Chanh Phuong
Vice Chairman & General Secretary, Hawa Vietnam
Mr. Hoang Tuan Phong
Digital Transformation Consulting Director, FPT Digital
Host Pham Ho Chung

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