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S2 EP12: Digital transformation milestones in 2023 and opportunities for 2024
25 December, 2023

S2 EP12: Digital transformation milestones in 2023 and opportunities for 2024

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Key content

The Year of the Rabbit 2023 marked a challenging year for the global and Vietnamese economies: inflation and the risk of a recession, geopolitical instability affecting global supply chains, and reduced and tightened consumer spending. How do these factors affect the digital transformation process in the world in general and Vietnam in particular?

What is expected in 2024? Could this be a year of general recovery for the global economy, especially for Vietnam, with opportunities from the comprehensive strategic partnership with the United States? What do businesses need to do to be ready for these new opportunities from the perspective of digital transformation? What can domestic consulting and technology companies do to support this process in Vietnam?

The trend of dual transformation (digital transformation + green transformation) is increasingly being paid attention to by the government and the business community. Could this be the leading trend of transformation shortly? How can businesses and organizations prepare for this process of transformation?

Content sessions
1. 01:52 - Milestones in Economics and Digital Transformation in the World and Vietnam
2. 10:55 - Achievements of FPT's Digital Transformation in Three Areas for People, Businesses, and Government in Vietnam
3. 18:46 - Training and Developing AI Technology for Business Digital Transformation
4. 22:10 - Factors that Contribute to Vietnam's GDP and Economic Growth in 2024
5. 26:38 - The Strategic Partnership between the United States and Vietnam Brings Many Opportunities for the Chip and Semiconductor Sector
6. 40:23 - Prediction of the Business Color for Vietnamese Businesses in 2024
Mr. Hoang Viet Anh
Executive Vice President of FPT Corporation - Chairman of FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company - Chairman of FPT Digital
Mr. Albert Antoine
Chief Executive Officer at AVAIGA - Senior AI and Technology Advisor
Mr. Le Bao Viet
Partner at Bain & Company
Host Pham Ngoc Anh

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