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S2 EP13: ESG trends in manufacturing enterprises
01 February, 2024

S2 EP13: ESG trends in manufacturing enterprises

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Key content

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has become a mainstream trend and is widely recognized as an essential part of business operations. ESG serves as a guideline to help stakeholders understand how businesses manage risks and opportunities in these three dimensions.

Factors such as pressure from green demand, green consumption, and the COVID-19 pandemic have forced businesses to move towards a development journey in parallel with ESG criteria. In addition, the NET-ZERO target and the COP26 and COP27 conferences have further encouraged businesses to implement ESG strategies.

Digital transformation will support businesses in making sustainable investment decisions, building and developing ESG data in a systematic way, and the disclosure of ESG information of businesses brings outstanding results compared to competitors in the long term.

Content sessions
1. 2:18 - Sustainable development goals for manufacturing businesses
2. 9:51 - Advantages and challenges of combining technology with ESG criteria
3. 13:48 - Importance and positive impacts of ESG for manufacturing businesses
4. 25:11 - Building a green ecosystem in businesses
5. 33:11 - Green and Digital Transformtaion
6. 49:17 - Advice for businesses in Vietnam on their ESG journey
Mr. Arnaud Ginolin
Partner, Boston Consulting Group
Ms. Dao Thuy Ha
Deputy General Director of Sales & Marketing – Traphaco
Mr. Nguyen Le Thang Long
Deputy General Director of An Phat Holdings
Host Pham Ho Chung

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