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ứng dụng chuyển đổi số trong nông nghiệp
Digital Strategy02 August, 2022
Digital transformation applications in agriculture create smart agriculture while modernizing value chains and connecting agroecosystems. The article below will provide information about three digital transformation applications that effectively support the…
Internet of Thing

eKYC, a solution to attract online customers in the banking and finance industry

eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) solution opens up a potential market. According to FnF Research, the global eKYC market is estimated to reach US$257.23 million in 2019 and is expected…
30 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

The development of AI in Vietnam national digital transformation acceleration

Among digital technologies, AI is one of the cores with presences in many digital initiatives, providing the ability to explore the hidden values as well as replacing human to execute…
28 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Managing innovation in business

In a fast-moving, flexible and highly competitive business environment, innovation is seen as an important differentiation strategy to gain an advantage for businesses
23 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Optimize Supply chain through data analysis and prediction

The Covid pandemic has been disrupting the method of operating the global Supply chain due to the interdependence on supply, production and distribution worldwide. Supply chain crises account for 39%…
17 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Businesses will be strong when building a talent ecosystem

A 2018 report from Cornerstone OnDemand and International Data Corporation (IDC) state that the speed of innovation in an organization is directly related to how they manage talent, their internal…
17 March, 2022
Internet of Thing

The role of Industrial IoT technology in smart factory transformation

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global industrial IoT market size is expected to reach $72.7 billion by 2021 and grow at a CAGR of 9.09%, reaching…
16 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Improving digital human resources for digital transformation in the future

Technology is changing and evolving with leaps and bounds, but the real change lies not only in the technology part but also focused primarily on human change. The workforce of…
11 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Application of AR/VR and 3D space in enhancing customer experience while buying real estate

In the recent years, the application of technology in real estate industry, also known as, Proptech (property technology) has become a growing trend in countries around the world. AR, VR…
11 March, 2022
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