Traphaco pioneering sustainable values

Traphaco pioneering sustainable values

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In the pharmaceutical industry, Traphaco has always been a leading company in the “Pharma 4.0” trend – applying information technology in pharmaceutical production and business. With achievements spanning over 50 years, Traphaco owns four large factories with GMP-WHO standard technology lines, including the intelligent pharmaceutical factory Traphaco Hung Yen, which has been operating for over 5 years and almost fully automated the production process.

In 2023, Traphaco embarked on comprehensive digital transformation following the roadmap defined by FPT Digital, a specialized digital transformation consulting company. These are groundbreaking steps in the manufacturing industry in general and pharmaceutical manufacturing in particular in Vietnam. Moreover, each step Traphaco takes is focused on green development and is the first Vietnamese company to join the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), consistently being honoured as one of the Top 10 Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam and receiving the Excellent and Sustainable Asian Business Award in 2022.

Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Deputy General Director of Traphaco engaged in lively discussions with FPT Digital’s digital transformation consultants on key aspects of dual transformation, including digital transformation and green transformation at Traphaco.

FPT Digital: Traphaco is a leading company in Eastern medicine, developing large areas of medicinal plants that meet GACP-WHO standards, implementing clean and green production models, and incorporating circularity deeply into the production chain. How has Traphaco developed these sustainable values?

– Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Deputy General Director of Traphaco: Throughout our 50-year journey of building and developing, Traphaco has boldly chosen and persisted with its own path as a pioneer in the “Eastern Medicine Revolution”. To maintain our position as the number one Eastern medicine company, over 10 years ago, we initiated the GreenPlan project – building green medicinal plant areas based on the ESG criteria of environmental, social, and governance sustainability. Traphaco created a 4-house linkage model (encompassing the economy) consisting of the state (government) – farmers – scientists – and businesses to leverage resources, capabilities, and multi-party knowledge according to the international GACP-WHO standards.

Ms. Ha said that: “Throughout our 50-year journey of building and developing, Traphaco has boldly chosen and persisted with its own path as a pioneer in the “Eastern Medicine Revolution”

GreenPlan has been implemented since 2010, and for nearly 13 years now, it has brought significant value to Traphaco and the community. Firstly, the good harvest of medicinal materials from the project has enabled the company to have self-sufficiency in both production quantity and quality, thus ensuring the quality of medicines in the market. Furthermore, the project not only protects the environment but also has positive impacts on vulnerable communities, creating employment, sustainable poverty reduction, and increasing income for ethnic communities in various provinces (Lao Cai, Nam Dinh, Hoa Binh, Phu Tho, Phu Yen, etc.). We provide training to help them acquire additional skills, knowledge, expand their mindset, access new technologies, and support their other activities, while also providing opportunities for their children to attend school, contributing to reducing regional disparities.

At Traphaco, the journey of researching and finding breakthrough healthcare solutions has always been a priority, and we have now developed nearly 200 products. In addition to familiar Eastern medicine products such as Hoạt huyet duong lao (Brain Nourishing Supplement) and Boganic, as well as new medicines such as Methorphan cough syrup and eye drops, our focus in the future will be on bioequivalent products (Bioequivalence – BE)) – equivalent to biological products.

According to Ms. Ha, Traphaco has integrated all 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for the 2017-2030 period into the company’s development strategy

FPT Digital: Currently, the dual transformation trend of digital and green transformation can be considered an essential strategic trend for any business, especially pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Can you share the experience of Traphaco’s dual transformation process?

– Ms. Dao Thuy Ha – Deputy General Director of Traphaco: Traphaco has integrated all 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for the 2017-2030 period into the company’s development strategy. We have now reached the halfway mark, and in 2023, we will continue to combine it with a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. With FPT Digital as a reputable companion, specialising in developing the dual transformation roadmap of “Digital and Green,” we are investing in digital transformation at various levels to enhance management efficiency and improve competitiveness. Digital transformation will enable us to innovate management methods to implement green transformation according to the GRI framework (Global Reporting Initiative), including GRI 200 for the economy, GRI 300 for the environment and GRI 400 for society.

This process is demonstrated through the enhancement of economic efficiency from direct to indirect means; the promotion of a circular economy model, low emissions; the establishment of a green supply chain; and the creation of foundational values not only for Traphaco employees but also for the local community, fostering a quality and prosperous life. Traphaco possesses a strong workforce with highly qualified professionals, leading in Vietnam, and continuously improving labour productivity, enabling us to optimally implement our dual-wave strategies and achieve the highest effectiveness.

In summary, digital transformation will position Traphaco as a comprehensive digital pharmaceutical enterprise, leading in Vietnam in terms of operational management with a data-driven foundation and optimized value chain activities based on digital capabilities. The value Traphaco brings extends beyond human health, contributing to the stability of the local community’s livelihoods and the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam on a modern technological platform.

Thank you, madam!

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