A PoC project: Human resources allocation optimization for after-sales service at a telecom organization
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A PoC project: Human resources allocation optimization for after-sales service at a telecom organization

A PoC project that tests an automating solution of staff shifts allocation to improve after-sales customer service delivery at home, enhance customer experience and promote an efficient service process.

Business Needs And Opportunities for PoC Project

A leading telecommunications company in Vietnam and Southeast Asia is researching the application of big data and artificial intelligence to improve after-sales customer service delivery at home to increase customer experience and drive an efficient service process.

Automation has been applied in business activities in order to save resources and minimize errors caused by human. By analyzing data and applying artificial intelligence, human resources allocation is optimized to each customer case so that they are able to deliver customer service with the best quality.

Challenge: Allocate Technical Staffs Team In Serving Customers

Telecommunication company has many difficulties in allocating shifts of technical staffs to serve customers. Technical staffs have different skills while each customer has different priorities and service time requirements, in addition, the incidents occurred are also different and requires different handling techniques. Therefore, the coordination and selection of personnel to best suit customers’ problem, at the right time customer wants is a huge challenge for the coordinators with the current system.

The company seeks new strategic solutions to be able to solve this problem. There are two main goals that they aim to address, which are to ensure on-time service delivery and the best service quality, while improve employees’ productivity by optimizing their daily travel distance. The company believes that optimal human resources allocation can solve this problem.

Determine Project’s Strategic Targeting Goals

An effective strategic goal with a coherent direction will guide the organization on performing its task consistently and in a timely manner. FPT Digital has cooperated to implement projects with business towards the following goals:

PoC Project
Figure 1: The strategic goals of the allocation project

Optimal Allocation Project Implementation Roadmap

The first phase (12 months) of the optimal allocation project at the organization went through the following steps:

PoC Project
Figure 2: Development steps of allocation optimization project

Project’s First Phase Results

The optimal staff allocation not only brings benefits to business but also creates good experiences for their customers. In this case, their customers receive better experience since they can directly connect to the system, are allowed to: proactively schedule an appointment when there is a breakdown, choose favorite staff, be committed to appointment times. and track employee travelling route.

After a year of implementation, the project has been scaled up and expanded nationwide.

PoC Project
Figure 3: Shift allocation is done by clusters with colors representing the work backlog level of the cluster (green – normal, yellow to red – incremental alarms, much work remaining, staffs need to speed up).

The project has achieved positive results with the cost of handling case reduced by 6.8 billion VND per month, increased by 339% compared to the original target. Productivity, labor efficiency increased to 22%, compared with the initial target of 10%, the result increased by 220% compared to expectations. Customer punctuality was improved and reach the rate of 92.3%, an increase of 102% from the original target of about 90%, which helps to improve customer satisfaction and experience, and at the same time, maintain engagement. With this result, the system will continue to be applied and optimized for better efficiency in the future.

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