Customers engagement through Omni-channel platform
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Customers engagement through Omni-channel platform

Building an Omni-channel platform that meets complex business rules, simplifies operating procedures, optimizes customer interaction.

Omni-Channel platform is created with the goal of engaging and interacting with customers through multiple channels while at the same time ensuring consistency and continuity in all customer experiences with the business and information is synchronized throughout the system.

Omni-channel platform

Background of omni-channel platform emergence

The rapid growth of the internet and e-commerce, along with the changes in consumer behaviors and needs, are constantly driving businesses to keep up to date with trends and to respond quickly to customers’ demands. With customers present anytime, anywhere, both offline and online, the question for businesses is that: “How to increase and improve their connection with customers the most?”. The right answer to this question not only strengthens customers’ awareness about the brand, promotes customers satisfaction and creates trust for them, but also optimizes businesses’ operation and management, helps businesses develop sustainability in long-term.

As a valid answer having all the benefits mentioned above, the application of omni-channel sales platform in businesses is becoming more and more popular.

Build a solution model to find target customers

FPT Digital develops the omni-channel system, including a mobile application with offline support, a website portal for business tasks and web services to present to a third party. Set up on the cloud, the omni-channel sales platform can run, manage, and track on every device, as operations and data are stored and actions are done centrally on the server instead of on each individual’s device.

There are two main factors in the system, including service providers (owners of facilities and equipment that can transmit information on omni-channel) and users (businesses that use these facilities and equipment of service provider devices to broadcast customized information to their customers).

Omni-Channel meets the stringent requirements of complex business rules running on the Cloud through the CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) model. This model is always ready to help maximize performance together with scalability and security, making the system become more agile and preventing conflicts from commands updates. The CQRS patterns integrate very well with the Event Sourcing model. This system processes duplicate commands at a time so that the business can continue the process safely. All these features help simplify business processes while optimize customer interactions.

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Specific benefits of the solution in operation and customer relationships

Application of omni-channel solutions supports online data in-time transfer (specific configuration settings) and offline data transfer. With the architectural design of the omni-channel solution, the model can predict and serve the growth rate of data and the number of simultaneous user connections. In addition, due to its expandability with modular design, the omni-channel system can add new functions without affecting other components in the system.

Combining multiple platforms, the omni-channel sales experiences combine both digital and traditional technologies, allowing companies to interact with customers whether online on laptop or directly at stores via mobile devices, computers, etc. With this solution, customers capture more information and gain better understanding of services and products, while enterprises reach more potential customers.

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