FPT Digital Discusses Digital Transformation Project with DHG Pharmaceutical Company

FPT Digital Discusses Digital Transformation Project with DHG Pharmaceutical Company

HCMC, November 14, 2023, leaders from DHG Pharmaceutical Company (DHG) and FPT Digital recently held a discussion on the Digital Transformation Consultancy for DHG.

During the meeting, Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, FPT Digital’s Chairman, introduced FPT Group and FPT Digital’s experience in digital transformation consulting for previous partners, as well as the FPT Digital Kaizen digital transformation methodology. By applying this methodology, FPT Digital will support DHG in building a comprehensive and integrated digital transformation architecture and framework, transitioning from fragmented digital transformation processes to higher stages of autonomy and leadership.

FPT Digital will also conduct a survey on DHG’s digital transformation maturity level in six major categories, including Customer Experience, Strategy, Digital Infrastructure and Technology, Operations, Corporate Cultural Transformation, and Data and Information Assets. The data collected will serve as the basis for a comprehensive assessment of the current level of digital maturity within the company. Based on this assessment, FPT Digital will propose strategic digital transformation consultancy, deployment roadmaps, and digital initiatives, leveraging the company’s capabilities and development potential to achieve optimal efficiency in post-digital transformation activities.

Mr. Hoàng Việt Anh, FPT Digital’s Chairman, presented an overview of the company’s capabilities and extensive experience in implementing enterprise projects.

On the partner side, DHG CEO Mr. Toshiyuki Ishii is interested to find out more about consumer data and distribution channels, where master data—data pertaining to business entities—is essential to the overall strategy. Regarding this issue, Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc – CSO & Partner of FPT Digital said, FPT Digital not only creates core systems to help improve operational management but is also ready for data mastery and transition to a digital governance model with data in the future.

Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, Chairman of FPT Digital, and Mr. Toshiyuki Ishii, DHG Pharmaceutical Company’s Director, engaged in a detailed discussion regarding multiple issues related to the roadmap of the Digital Transformation Strategy.

Additionally, Mr. Doan Dinh Duy Khuong, DHG’s COO, sought specific details on what FPT Digital would undertake during the proposed three-month digital transformation deployment period. In response to this inquiry, Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc, Digital Transformation Consultancy’s Director at FPT Digital, affirmed that three months would be sufficient to implement fundamental areas and establish an operational framework for the digital transformation project. FPT Digital has previously successfully applied this approach to numerous major partners within a similar timeframe.

FPT Digital will certainly provide consultancy services that ensure short-term, medium-term, and long-term objectives. It will propose digital initiatives and solutions, along with deployment roadmaps, while collaborating with other units to leverage the strengths of FPT and ensure successful digital transformation for the company.

Both parties have reached mutual agreements and are progressing towards collaboration in the near future.

“FPT Digital not only focuses on comprehensive digital transformation consultancy, providing a roadmap but also continues to accompany the company throughout the implementation process. Specifically, we can provide monitoring consultancy or implementation support through our comprehensive FPT ecosystem. By partnering with us, DHG will have access to comprehensive customer data within the industry,” emphasized Mr. Hoang Viet Anh.

At the end of the meeting, the leadership of FPT Digital and DHG agreed on the digital transformation roadmap, which includes proposal submission, interviews/surveys, and finalizing the agreement. The leadership of both organizations will continue to work and discuss to promptly find suitable solutions for the digital transformation collaboration.

Currently, with nearly 50 years of service and healthcare support for the Vietnamese population, DHG has conducted research and updated its production technologies to distribute pharmaceutical products that meet international quality standards such as Japan GMP, EU GMP, etc. DHG is always aware of its mission to provide high-quality and safe products, protecting the health of the people as a leading enterprise. Therefore, the vision of contributing to enhancing domestic competitiveness and comprehensive integration into the global pharmaceutical industry has been set by the company’s leadership for many years.

The meeting between Hau Giang Pharmaceutical JSC and FPT Digital about the project “Digital Transformation Consulting at Hau Giang Pharmaceutical” on the afternoon of November 14 in HCMC
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