FPT Digital receives the Sao Khue Award 2023 for Digital Maturity Assessment and Current Status Evaluation Service

FPT Digital receives the Sao Khue Award 2023 for Digital Maturity Assessment and Current Status Evaluation Service

At the Sao Khue Awards 2023, April 28, 2 services of FPT Digital were awarded the Sao Khue title by the Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association, including Digital Transformation Training Service ( under the Information Technology Training category.); Digital Maturity Assessment and Current State Evaluation Service (under the Digital Transformation category)

FPT Digital is a pioneer in providing Digital Maturity Assessment and Current Status Evaluation Services in Vietnam. The digital maturity assessment model was built by FPT Digital based on references from many reputable domestic and international organizations and is customized to suit current Vietnamese businesses. This model is based on 06 key aspects: Customers, Data, Culture, Strategy, Technology, Operations with 25 categories and 139 detailed criteria. Based on the evaluation results, FPT Digital’s consultants will make recommendations on key issues that need to be improved in order to determine the business’s position in every level of digital transformation.

So far, FPT Digital has directly deployed this service to more than 100 medium and large enterprises, in many fields of production and business, with the participation of more than 1200 leaders and managers of departments at enterprises.

Nguyen Tuan Anh fpt digital
Photo 1. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – FPT Digital Consulting Director received the Sao Khue Award for the Digital Maturity Assessment and Current Status Evaluation Service.

Digital Maturity Assessment and Current Status Evaluation is the first and foremost step in when a business starts its digital transformation journey​. The evaluation results will provide businesses with comprehensive and objective information about the current status, challenges, existing problems, as well as improvement opportunities for business growth, and businesses can benchmark themselves within the domestic and international industry. Along with direct participants of experts, FPT Digital also develops the DxRank™ online toolkit to help our customers evaluate and assess the level of digital maturity across all unit members quickly and accurately. As large companies and corporations often have various locations, both in Vietnam and worldwide, the process of surveying and evaluating using the DxRank™ digital toolkit is effective and less time-consuming than before. This can be considered the optimal solution, helping businesses to conveniently evaluate and assess on a regular basis the growth of digital maturity in all aspects of their business and to make timely decisions. This will ensure that the digital transformation journey is in the right direction.

FPT Digital’s services strengths are that it was built according to the internationally recognized FPT Digital Kaizen™ methodology; based on experience in consulting and setting benchmarks for a variety of industries; using an assessment framework according to international standards, and especially, the implementation process using the DxRank™ online toolkit has helped businesses quickly adjust for a comprehensive and accurate plan of digital maturity, thereby develop the most optimal digital transformation roadmap.

Photo 2. FPT Digital accompanies Gas South to conduct the Digital Maturity Assessment and Current Status Evaluation, prepares for developing a Digital Transformation roadmap

FPT Digital has accompanied Gas South in developing a digital transformation roadmap with a focus on operational excellence, in order to materialize the future of sustainable development with completely new capabilities. The Digital Transformation Consulting Project for Gas South is a process of full cooperation between Gas South and FPT Digital to build a Digital Transformation roadmap focusing on improving the company’s governance and management capacity. Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc, Director of FPT Digita’sl Digital Transformation Consulting, in charge of the project, shared: “FPT Digital has conducted a full and detailed assessment for departments of 5 branches and 1 member company in order to have an integrated and multi-dimensional view of Gas South’s current operations. The survey process identified Gas South’s problems, challenges, desires, and opportunities for improvement in governance and management.” The evaluation results of FPT Digital have provided an overview of Gas South’s operating status and information technology system, helping to build an optimal Digital Transformation roadmap towards the goal of leaning operations, increasing revenue, and promoting company efficiency.

Take a look at some photos from the awards ceremony:

Dr. Mai Liem Tru
Photo 3. Dr. Mai Liem Truc – former General Director of the General Department of Post and Telecommunications, former Permanent Deputy Minister of Posts and Telecommunications congratulating FPT Digital at the Award
Photo 4. FPT Digital representative at the awarding ceremony
Photo 5. Representatives of businesses receiving Sao Khue Award 2023
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