In-depth dialogue on digital transformation with FPT Digital and Bain & Company

In-depth dialogue on digital transformation with FPT Digital and Bain & Company

On October 24 and 25, 2023, within the framework of the FPT Techday 2023 at the National Convention Center, FPT Digital and strategic partner Bain & Company welcomed hundreds visitors from all over the world, consulted for many business representatives on Digital Transformation, Green Transformation and Sustainable Development.

Among hundreds of visitors, there are many senior managers, heads of technology departments from many multi-industry enterprises such as CBRE Group, Hatta Bank (Cambodia), May 10, Yazaki Group, Traphaco, Viconship, 5S Fashion, Aristino, SCI Group…

The booths of FPT Digital and Bain received the attention of many exhibition visitors.

At the event, our consultants had an in-depth discussion with nearly 20 business representatives about the most prominent issues surrounding digital transformation. Problems are varied; most people looked for digital transformation roadmaps in particular sectors like logistics, fashion, real estate, and retail. Others are concerned on how to build digital workforces, create digital cultures or how to apply new technology to enhance their customer experience.

Dr. Le Hung Cuong (Deputy General Director of FPT Digital), Mr. Le Bao Viet (Partner, Bain & Company) and Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc (Director of Strategy and Technology of FPT Digital) advised business representatives.

During the 1:1 consulting session, our experts offered a broad overview of digital transformation and the significance of this trend in the current technological context, drawing upon their consulting expertise across several sectors. Some business representatives expected a more in-depth discussion with FPT Digital outside the framework of the event.

FPT Digital advised nearly 20 businesses with valuable information surrounding digital transformation, setting the stage for new cooperation in the future.

Apart from 1:1 session, there was a panel discussion named “Emerging Technologies That Disrupt Traditional Models”, featuring Deputy General Director of FPT Digital, Lê Hùng Cường; Partner of Bain & Company, Lê Bảo Việt, along with representatives from leading manufacturing companies Viessmann and Schaeffler Group. The panel discussion covered the topics that worry businesses the most during the digital transformation process, viewed from real-world examples when building information technology strategies.

Panel Discussion at the event

At the beginning of the discussion, Deputy General Director of FPT Digital Le Hung Cuong said it is estimated that up to 70% of digital initiatives fail during implementation. To minimize risks and increase success rates, Mr. Alexander Ziehe, Viessmann’s Asia-Pacific managing director, said: “There are 3 important factors to consider: purpose of technology application ; strategic roles of each related department; and good coordination between partners in the digital transformation process”. He underlined that companies need to ensure that every person genuinely comprehends their role, as only then can they actively engage and add to the process of implementing technology in the community.

Mr. Le Bao Viet, a partner at Bain & Company, concurred, saying that “new technologies can only create breakthroughs if businesses know how to use them strategically.” Businesses must prioritize customers during the digital transformation process and comprehend their needs at every touchpoint in order to enhance the customer experience. In addition, Mr. Viet stressed the significance of consistently testing and assessing technologies in order to determine which approach and technology is best for the company.

Concluding the discussion, Mr. Klaus Mueller, Asia-Pacific Operations Director of Schaeffler, shared the secret to how a manufacturing enterprise with 75 factories globally like Schaeffler can compete in the period of explosion of advanced technology. The key lies in a long-term and comprehensive strategy focused on four pillars: Technology, Data, Process and People. In which people play a key role in deciding whether a business can succeed quickly or not. Mr. Le Hung Cuong highly appreciated the opinions of experts and said that these are valuable lessons for any business during the digital transformation journey.

Over 10,000 people attended FPT Techday 2023, including government representatives, provincial officials, and executives from some of the world’s top technology companies. Aside from the event’s exceptional technological performances, prominent technology experts and global leaders of billion-dollar companies have brought their predictions and analysis of upcoming technological trends worldwide.

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