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September 2022 PDF - 38 pages

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has had nearly half of a decade of establishment and development. However, due to global fluctuations in terms of supply chains in the past 2 years, the CPG industry has accelerated digitalization, actively invested, and applied new technology to optimize the capacity to operate production activities, extremely personalized customer experience as well as develop a green and sustainable production ecosystem.

It can be said that the speed and scope of applying new technologies such as IoT sensor systems, Big Data, and AI… play an important role in helping CPG enterprises cut costs, and occupy competitive advantages over competitors. Learn more about technology trends that are being applied, and the barriers that enterprises need to overcome, so that the benefits received from applying new technology solutions not only create breakthroughs but also long-term results.

FPT Digital’s report on “New technology to optimize production capacity of consumer packaged goods”, including:

  • Trends and general context of CPG industry
  • 05 transformation directions to help create breakthroughs in production of CPG products
  • Success stories
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