FPT Digital and partners implement provinces’ planning

FPT Digital and partners implement provinces’ planning

On the journey of digital transformation of provinces, towards the common goal of national digital transformation, FPT Digital has been chosen and become a partner to accompany a number of provinces to carry out digital transformation. 

FPT Digital and partners have signed agreements to carry out the planning of a number of provinces in Vietnam, aiming to realize the vision and goals of socio-economic development, improve the citizen’s quality of life, contribute to the provinces’ development in particular as well as to the nation’s growth in general. The provincial planning is for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision towards 2050 of becoming economic, tourism and service centers while promoting technology research and development. 

The planning focus on the citizens to provide and promote good environment, jobs and services. Therefore, the planning also emphasizes the factors of green growth and sustainable development in the process of applying achievements from the 4.0 revolution. 

The planning will offer specific and practical solutions and projects, in association with the strengths of the provinces, thereby creating breakthrough development. Specifically, the provincial planning will be implemented based on 3 criteria: 

  • Identifying pioneering and leading breakthroughs based on the provinces’ existing strengths, and applying smart technology to effectively leverage potentials and opportunities. 
  • Offering viable and effective solutions based on experience, expertise and world trends with balances between benefits and investment. 
  • Rapid deployment, bringing immediate results through mobilizing internal human resources, connecting with experienced partners to implement key projects. 

FPT Digital and partners, with diverse and extensive experience in consulting and building socio-economic development plans for Vietnamese provinces, and deep understanding of Vietnamese culture and people along with presence and experience in the world, expect long-term companionship with provinces and cities throughout the process of socio-economic construction and development. At the same time, FPT Digital and its partners are also ready to support the province in identifying and opening breakthrough development opportunities that are pioneering, leading, and applying smart, effective and fast technology in deployment, immediate effect. 

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