FPT Digital’s youngest yet most strategic consultant Tran Minh Nguyet

FPT Digital’s youngest yet most strategic consultant Tran Minh Nguyet

Tran Minh Nguyet represents FPT Digital’s young generation having multi-industry expertise, international work experience and serious commitment to the profession.

Before joining FPT Digital, Tran Minh Nguyet had spent years working at Accenture, one of the world’s largest consulting companies with tens of billions of dollars in revenue. Here, Nguyet has thoroughly built her consulting skills, technological knowledge and experience working with the world’s leading firms in various fields.

Returning to Vietnam with knowledge and skills gained from prior jobs, Nguyet hopes to accompany Vietnamese businesses on the successful journey of digital transformation through a smart, appropriate digital transformation roadmap.

Tran Minh Nguyet is a speaker at DxTalks – a series of talk shows sharing stories and experiences in digital transformation hosted by FPT Digital

Immediately after joining FPT Digital, Nguyet participated in her first large-scale projects, starting with Minh Phu Seafood Group. Minh Phu is currently present in more than 50 countries and territories, confirming its position as the No. 1 seafood corporation in Vietnam and the leading seafood corporation in the world. Minh Phu’s mission is to create a competitive edge that singles out other competitors.

“King of Shrimp” Minh Phu aims for comprehensive digital transformation towards becoming a place where global shrimp industry values converge. To better understand the current business activities, Nguyet asked her team to examine every Minh Phu’s member company, their farming areas and factories in the Southern province. She was actively involved in the process of understanding the business plan from the leadership level, as well as working directly with the company’s divisions to grasp the team’s issues while implementing everyday work. For Nguyet and the FPT Digital consulting team, this is the only way to tailor solutions for customers across industries.

Working in-depth with customers, carefully researching every branch, every department, from leadership level to implementation level has become the working principle of every FPT Digital expert. This principle has remained a factor that makes FPT Digital an incredible companion.

Nguyet was appointed project manager (PM) for Gas South’s digital transformation initiative in 2022. Gas South is one of Vietnam’s top 20-year-old gas fuel suppliers whose market expands all the way from Nghe An to Ca Mau in southern Vietnam. Aiming at digital transformation, Gas South expects to optimise their production and realise the company’s sustainable development goals.

In just over 2 months, Nguyet and her colleagues conducted a complete and detailed survey of each department and member company, providing an accurate status report on Gas South’s operating system and information technology system. This can also be considered the fastest project completion record at FPT Digital that no PM has surpassed to date. As PM, Nguyet learned the strengths of each person in the team, assigned the right tasks to the right people, and was extremely strict about deadlines for completing goals.

FPT Digital’s survey results have provided a comprehensive overview of Gas South’s current state of operations, helping to build an optimal Digital Transformation roadmap for the company. The Digital Transformation Roadmap includes 11 digital initiatives, of which 8 initiatives aim to digitise operational areas and 3 initiatives to improve information technology infrastructure. Nguyet sets very clear criteria for the project team to ensure the feasibility & efficiency of these initiatives: they must be easy to implement, cost effective and applicable in all company branches. These initiatives are being implemented by customers and contribute to positive business performance for Gas South.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Luan – General Director of Gas South highly appreciated the efforts of Nguyet and her teammates, he said: “In a quite brief period of time, FPT Digital has done extremely well in examining and painting Gas South digital maturity level. We are all surprised by this result, exactly what I imagined and expected from FPT Digital.”

Tran Minh Nguyet at the handover ceremony of the Gas South 2022 Digital Transformation Consulting project

After only 4 years of joining the company, Nguyet is a key person leading the team in important projects for important customers such as Gas South, EMS, An Phat, Cat Tuong,… Moreover, Nguyet also brings in new service projects for FPT Digital including the Master Plan of Binh Dinh province for the period 2021 – 2023, vision to 2050.

Achievements from these large projects have helped Nguyet win the FPT First-Class Victory Star in 2021, Top 13 Excellent OKR individuals in the second quarter of 2021 and Top 50 FPT Under 35.

Tran Minh Nguyet is one of the top 50 FPT individuals with the best achievements in 2021

At the age of 26 and with a long journey ahead, Nguyet is ready to take on new challenges, and endure the bravery of a Digital Transformation Consultant.

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