FPT Digital reported on the current status and digital transformation framework at PVFCCo

FPT Digital reported on the current status and digital transformation framework at PVFCCo

The consulting unit of FPT Corporation reported on the project progress, providing an overview of the current level of digital maturity and proposing the digital transformation framework for the period 2023-2025, with a vision towards 2030 for PVFCCo, the PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (stock code DPM). Both parties also discussed in detail the important factors crucial for ensuring the successful implementation of the digital transformation roadmap.

The workshop was attended by high-level leaders and management officials from both sides. PVFCCO was represented by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, a Board Member responsible for the Board of Directors; Mr. Dao Van Ngoc, CEO in charge of the Executive Board and the Project Steering Committee for Digital Transformation, the Executive Board, the Control Board, the Phu My Fertilizer Plant’s leadership, the KDHCDK Branch, and the Regional Companies. On the side of FPT, the consulting unit, Mr. Le Hung Cuong, FPT Digital’s Deputy CEO and Project Director, along with senior experts in cluding Mr. Vuong Quan Ngoc, Mr. Le Vu Minh, Mr. Steve Furst, and the project implementation team, were present.

The ceremony to report on the current status and digital transformation framework was attended by senior representatives of both sides.

Currently, the project is closely following the planned schedule and has completed the Survey phase at the controlling company and its subsidiaries. It has now moved on to the Identification and Digital Operation Model Development phase, based on the strategic development direction of the controlling company and its objectives from now until 2025, with a vision towards 2030.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, in charge of the Board of Directors, emphasized the importance of defining and building an operational model, learning from advanced models worldwide, and leveraging technology to optimize management and operational activities.

Furthermore, Mr. Dao Van Ngoc, CEO in charge of the Executive Board, highlighted the need for the digital transformation roadmap to ensure detailed objectives for each year and phase, with a fast-paced implementation but appropriate allocation of resources, from human resources to investment costs. It is particularly important to prioritize the implementation of quick wins to create positive momentum for the digital transformation throughout PVFCCo.

Both parties discussed in detail a series of key issues, such as optimizing current IT software, training and communication in building digital skills and culture, investment plans, and other aspects including data management, information security, etc. All the exchanged information, from the leadership to functional departments of the controlling company and its subsidiaries, as well as the consulting party, were recorded, refined, and served as a basis for the next phase.

Summarizing the Survey phase, the consulting party conducted surveys at 8 units and the controlling company, interviewing over 150 personnel and more than 20 leaders at the controlling company, subsidiary companies, and affiliated units. The results recorded over 400 needs and desires from the controlling company and its subsidiaries. Most of these needs and desires can be addressed through the implementation of the digital transformation roadmap and initiatives.

Through an in-depth analysis of the current status and industry standards, the consulting party assessed that digital transformation not only helps PVFCCo operate efficiently and maintain its position in Vietnam but also gradually approaches higher standards, elevating its regional and international stature.

Based on these foundations, the consulting party proposed the Digital Transformation Strategic Framework for PVFCCO, envisioning it to become a comprehensive and pioneering digital enterprise in the fertilizer and chemical industry in Vietnam, with data-driven operational management and optimized value chain operations on digital platforms. This is considered the guiding principle for determining specific action programs in the future.

After the presentation of the Current Status and Digital Transformation Framework Report, managers from various units, departments, and regions actively contributed their opinions and detailed assessments. The majority evaluated the report on the current status as detailed and comprehensive, resulting from a meticulous survey process and thorough and candid discussions with multiple departments. Business sector leaders also expressed their desire for a suitable digital transformation roadmap, selecting resources with reasonable costs, and prioritizing the sequence of implementation to ensure a smooth digital transformation process without affecting current production and business activities.

The leadership and representatives from departments actively contributed to the report.

In response to these aspirations, expert Steve Furst identified four important factors for the success of the digital transformation roadmap. Firstly, leaders must lead by example, inspiring employees. Secondly, program and project management for digital transformation must closely align with objectives and be flexible in proposing appropriate changes based on the actual situation. Thirdly, the expert emphasized the role of “leaders who had no title,” those who have long dedicated their time and possess deep knowledge of the enterprise. These individuals can act as influential figures, contributing to guiding employees within the company. Lastly, partners with whom the business collaborates must be willing to make efforts beyond expectations for the benefit of both parties. In summary, the expert emphasizes that digital transformation will succeed when it encounters the “right people, at the right time, with the right mindset”.

Expert Steve Furst shared insights on the important factors that contribute to the success of the digital transformation roadmap.

The active participation of the Leadership Board and Management Officials at PVFCCo has demonstrated a strong determination for innovation, enhancing core values, and cultivating a digital culture within the company. Simultaneously, it showcases a robust commitment to the digital transformation objective. This is a critical foundation for achieving the goal of making PVFCCo a benchmark agricultural and chemical enterprise, adhering to international standards, and creating a sustainable development value chain.

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