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Spectral Technology

Using hyperspectral image to assess aquatic product’s quality

The quality of inputs and outputs requires strict and precise controls in the aquaculture industry. Which method to check product quality accurately, quickly and minimize impacts on products?
12 March, 2020
Data & Analytics

A PoC project: Customer conversion data exploitation with camera at retail stores

A PoC project that proves the ability to collect data of customer going in/out-store and conversion rates using existing cameras at the retail chain.
14 October, 2020
Digital Strategy

Finding solutions for the restrictions in aquaculture industry in Vietnam

Difficulties in controlling the quality of input and output products and farming methods, together with tight export policies force enterprises within the industry to find suitable and thorough solutions.
12 March, 2020
Internet of Thing

eKYC, a solution to attract online customers in the banking and finance industry

eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) solution opens up a potential market. According to FnF Research, the global eKYC market is estimated to reach US$257.23 million in 2019 and is expected…
30 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Optimizing operations with a new real estate management model

The trend of digital transformation is happening rapidly in industries that apply high technologies such as banking, finance, telecommunications or in development industries such as real estate. Along with the…
07 March, 2022
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Digital Strategy

A PoC project: Human resources allocation optimization for after-sales service at a telecom organization

A PoC project that tests an automating solution of staff shifts allocation to improve after-sales customer service delivery at home, enhance customer experience and promote an efficient service process.
15 January, 2020
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