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Digital Strategy

Digital platform applications are making people’s lives more convenient

The covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact and serious impact on people's daily lives, on the other hand, becoming an initiative to make the digital transition more rapid and…
08 February, 2022
Digital Strategy

Optimize Supply chain through data analysis and prediction

The Covid pandemic has been disrupting the method of operating the global Supply chain due to the interdependence on supply, production and distribution worldwide. Supply chain crises account for 39%…
17 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

The impact of digital technology in aquaculture industry

Digital technologies such as data analysis or the Internet of Things bring new opportunities for the aquaculture industry
09 December, 2019
Digital Strategy

How do banks protect users’ data?

According to the 2021 World Retail Banking report, 57% of consumers say they prefer to use online banking over traditional branches. And now 55% of consumers prefer to use mobile…
22 February, 2022
Digital Strategy

Customers’ journey in using financial, banking services

The continuous development and increase in the number & quality of commercial banks makes the financial and banking services market more fierce than ever. Faced with these many challenges, service…
09 February, 2022
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Digital Strategy

A PoC project: Human resources allocation optimization for after-sales service at a telecom organization

A PoC project that tests an automating solution of staff shifts allocation to improve after-sales customer service delivery at home, enhance customer experience and promote an efficient service process.
15 January, 2020
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